The New Beer Sale System

The "Trappist Westvleteren" can only be purchased through the web store and can be picked up at the sales centre located at the abbey. The web store has limited opening hours which are advertised on the calendar on the website.

The possible pick-up moments are also indicated on this calendar with the indication to which sales moment they are linked through the use of the same background colour).

The sale of the beer is not for commercial purposes and is available only to individuals who have registered in advance.

Upon registration, the user creates an account with personal details (name, date of birth, address, mobile phone number, e-mail and number plate of the car with which you will pick up the purchased products). You will then receive a link via e-mail to validate the registration. Once your registration has been validated, you can log in with your e-mail address and a password of your choice.

After logging in you will enter a waiting room. When it's your turn you can access the web store. While waiting, you can already browse and reserve other products that we sometimes offer in addition to our Trappist beers.

When you enter the web store you can choose from the available Trappist beers specifying the desired quantity. You can also select the pick-up time. After this step, a code is sent to your cell phone and this code must be entered to confirm the order.

You will then be directed to the Ingenico platform to make payment for the entire order, including the deposit for the empty goods (crate + bottles). Once the payment is successfully processed, you will return to our website and your order will be complete.

You will receive a QR code via e-mail together with a summary of your order. This QR code must be presented when collecting your order, either printed on paper or on your smartphone. We will also confirm the number plate of your car against the information on your profile.

When collecting, you can also receive a refund for the deposit of the empty goods that are being returned from a previous order. This amount is refunded to your payment card. The summary of your order and of the refund for the empty goods is sent to you by e-mail immediately.

Next week there will be two initial sales moments (on Tuesday 18th June and on Friday 21st June) to test the web application.
The first regular sales moment will take place on Wednesday 26th June 2019. Because of the limited amount of beer that is brewed, two sales moments will be organised every month (every two weeks, alternately on Wednesday afternoon and on Wednesday evening).

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